Homesteading: Finding the right land

There is much chatter about “get out of the cities” and “buy rural land”. I’m a huge advocate of these philosophies and am working on building mine even now.So… now you’ve decided it is for you and you sit scratching your head wondering “where do I start?”Well… first thing is to ask yourself, “what are […]


IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which […]


Flouride is Not Good Fluoride used by Nazis to sterilize inmates and make them docile. Fluoride a key dumbing down ingredient of Prozac and Sarin nerve gas — poisons of choice for tyrant rats. If this is new to you, please go and look at the tooth paste box or tube and read the medical […]

Tom Abrahams on Written Apocalypse

Welcome to The Written Apocalypse with Host DJ Cooper. The Written Apocalypse is a long standing podcast showcasing Authors of the Apocalypse. It’s now gone Video with live shows in the Written Apocalypse group on Facebook. Https:// This week we welcome Tom Abrahams to talk about his new release and other things. check out his […]


How to build YOUR Ultimate Bug out Bag aka “The BOB” Most of us are aware of what the BOB or Bug out Bag is and some of us are aware of what we need to put into this bag but most of us follow any one or combination of lists out there to help […]

Survival Planning Core Considerations

Many prepper’s plans for surviving a state of absolute anarchy are often limited to specific readiness details, such as selecting firearms, growing and preserving food, keeping a bugout bag readily available, building improvised shelters, etc. Knowledge, skills, and abilities in numerous such details are essential to survival in a lawless world. Likewise, standing back from […]

Apartment Gardening

Well, you live in an apartment. Does this mean you can’t have fresh vegetables and herbs? No, it doesn’t, creating a garden just takes a little finesse when you are working with smaller spaces and sometimes limited light. Plants have a wonderful way of connecting us to nature as well as clearing the air. Did […]

New Deal: The American Redemption Or Perdition?

The great depression brought about hardship and high unemployment. The United States was suffering both economically and politically. With this came discontent from the people.The New Deal promised to help ease the struggles of the nation but falls short in ways many could not foresee. The New Deal changed the role of the government, giving […]

Lessons of Generations Past

This week we take a journey into the past, an exploration of how things were done in “The Old Days.” For some of us, when we consider things the way they were.  Sometimes it is with nostalgia or with a whimsical smile it brings warm fuzzy thoughts. For others of us it may make us […]

Remembering your Pets

Remembering Pets… Something to think about while prepping is your pets. Ok, so you have remembered that dear Fido or Fluffy needs food too, BUT…. You have decided you’re going to shelter in place and you have stored up food for your fuzzy family members and think you have considered them in your plans. But, […]