June 19, 2024


"Knowledge is Power"

Groups (Part 1)

Podcast series by DJ Cooper from 2017 Talking about groups. Give a listen and be sure to follow to be notified of other episodes.

First thing to consider is — “What is a MAG and why do you need it?”

MAG stands for Mutual Assistance Group — When we consider options some key points to consider are discussed in the first of five parts about groups.

  • Finding that perfect match for you and your family
  • Remember this is not a sprint, take your time.
  • Why YOU should be a good candidate
  • Meeting up with established groups and the types
  • Finding others

Whether you plan to join a group or start one of your own, the subjects addressed in this five part series is a must listen to.

You considered all the scenarios and you feel prepared.  One thing troubles you, others…  There must be others out there that think like you do.  Others that think like you do that can offer assistance, others to barter with.  You know that it is not practical to try the lone wolf school of thought and you don’t know where to begin.

Moving forward over the next few weeks we will talk about groups and alliances.  This week join us in discussing the important things to consider when either choosing a group to work with or if creating your own is the way to go.

This week let’s touch on just figuring out what your needs are and where you may find yourself fitting into the grand scheme of things.  At this point you have pretty much decided to go with the group.  So now how do you determine what is the right fit for you?

Some points to consider:

  • Can you offer assistance and participate in the group activities and or build the group?
  • How do you feel about participating in a hierarchy where the questions of the group are concerned?
  • Is it just you or do you need to convince family members that this is a good move

Let’s explore the options of both building a group and finding an established group.  Also finding candidates and being a good choice for an established group. Different ways to find like-minded people and create those connections.

In preparing we often forget the need for help to do things, companionship, and security.  Creating a network of  others could save your life.

DJ Cooper
DJ Cooper

Author of the Apocalypse with books like these and many others to help others learn about the threats we could face in emergencies while offering ideas of how we can circumvent issues on our own. Follow her for upcoming releases and more articles.