Groups (Part 4)

Seeing the Big Picture

In the first three parts on survival groups we talked about why join a survival group, the ABC’s of the survival group and knowing your role. What does all this mean to you? 

There was a lot of information given and some of these things warrant repeating, a quick overview of what we covered in the other shows included:

  • How you can participate and offer assistance
  • Knowing the hierarchy and mission statements
  • When including others things you should keep in mind.
  • The big questions: Who, what, when, where, why and how
  • Security, communications and OPSEC
  • Medical concerns
  • Energy technologies

Outlining for yourself many of these things will help you decided the things that are important to you and your group.  Addressing your big questions and knowing your reasons will help you in gaining perspective on the big picture and giving you an informed place to start in your journey.

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In this show, let’s bring it all together and discuss the group as a whole.  As opposed to picking pieces of the group as being part of our ideal group, now it is time to look at the group as a whole.  No group is going to be perfect.  The difference now is determining what factors are most important and which ones are of lesser importance when choosing your group or members.

Also in this show let’s go over ways to find groups and/or members.  There are a number of places where we can seek out others with like minds.

Some examples of places to look for like minds.

  • CERT
  • Red-cross
  • Social media
  • Local clubs and news outlets

There are a few resources that may also be of assistance in your search for a group as well as some to guide you in your journey to building your own survival group.

DJ Cooper
DJ Cooper

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