May 21, 2024


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Surviving Dystopia

Be sure and join me as we chat every week about different things. Just thinking about our world over the past year. We’ve issues with the economy, foreign issues, and rioting in places.
It is amazing how quickly things spiral out of control.. this world and societies in general always seem to teeter on the next big event. Writer Alfred Henry Lewis (1855-1914) said in a March 1906 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine,  “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy”.  This is true and in the new weekly series Surviving Dystopia on Prepper Podcast and Blog Talk Radio, I will discuss these thoughts and others.

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About: Surviving Dystopia

Surviving Dystopia, What the heck does that mean?

In it’s most basic sense? “The art of Getting By”

In 1516 Sir Thomas Moore coined the word Utopia… in his book of the same name, he is describing a society possessing near perfect qualities….

Dystopia is described as the opposite of that, often characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian governments, disasters or some other cataclysmic decline in society…

George Orwell’s Dystopian novel 1984 was a classic example of such a society.

Join Author DJ Cooper every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Time for a live show about keeping those Dystopian moments at bay. With no set course and a plethora of topics to discuss, take your chances call in, and join us in the chat room. I don’t like it stuffy and prefer a little entertainment with my learning so how about exploring the world of Sir Thomas Moore.

Certainly, I think the biggest message I would like to discuss on this show is a simple one… “Shit Happens” I talk about this a little bit on this blog “Especially in the post about anxiety.”

Many things happen in our lives and in the world we can’t always control…it could be anything from a minor setback, personal loss or even major catastrophes. Walking around thinking it won’t happen to me or the government will take care of me is a naive outlook at best.

More recently, an excellent example of this false thinking comes to mind….Katrina…. I mean, it is not like such a hurricane just pops up…people knew it was coming…they knew New Orleans sat below sea level yet they just sat there, waiting for the inevitable; convinced the government would save them all… I think we can all see how that went.

As I referenced earlier in this article, Alfred Henry Lewis said, “there are only 9 meals between mankind and anarchy” this is a fact….3 days is all that represents… Looking more recently at Ferguson…how quickly did a simple protest spiral into anarchy? So much today is completely out of whack…we see issues in our government and there is becoming a wider and wider split in the US between liberal thinking and constitutional thinking…so much so that it almost seems as tho it is a mini war raging amongst the people… some of the socialist ideology that seems to be gaining in popularity is so flawed but people cant see the flaws in it…they think they can create a Utopian society by leveling things out…but that is exactly what the book 1984 is about…when you take from those who work hard to give to those who don’t people loose vision, they loose hope…why bother……another good book is “The Giver” by Lois Lowry…think about it everyone is the same and even dreaming of something other than what you are told to dream is punished. Another good series believe it or not that applies is hunger games… where freedoms are taken and the elite are entitled…eventually chaos ensues..

If you live in an area prone to tornado’s is it not prudent to have storm shelter? It just makes sense to be aware of possible Dystopian moments and to keep your world from coming unhinged; one would think people would attempt to minimize the impacts. It is funny but people worry more about protecting their money than they do their families…you buy insurance, invest for retirement…yet don’t keep a candle in the house in case the power goes out.

The message is simple “shit happens”…could be a job loss, could be illness or accident, maybe a hurricane or full-on Armageddon, invest in your personal utopia lest it becomes a dystopia.

DJ Cooper
DJ Cooper

Prominent post-apocalypse author of the Dystopia Series of books and other works. DJ Cooper is the owner of POSH Preppers [Prepper Podcast] bringing you preparedness topics for more than ten years.