What’s the code?

Imagine if you will, TSHTF and TEOTWAWKI is on your doorstep. ROL is no longer, the LEOs are gone, and OPSEC is crucial to CYA. It is a GDE from a CME that produced a massive EMP. You are now thinking you won’t be able to SIP and you might want to GOOD. You jump […]

The Herbalist Prepper

The Herbalist Prepper, Recipes Well, we are quickly looking at fall and winter right around the corner and this turns me to wanting immunity boosting warm drinks.  I’ve got the perfect recipe for delicious Hot Cocoa, with an immunity boosting twist…. With cold and flu season looming before us, thoughts turn to building up our […]

Prep Stores

Rotate…. OpSec… Food Stores… Canning Butter?
Holy smokes Batman can you say rabbit hole?

Homesteading: Finding the right land

There is much chatter about “get out of the cities” and “buy rural land”. I’m a huge advocate of these philosophies and am working on building mine even now.So… now you’ve decided it is for you and you sit scratching your head wondering “where do I start?”Well… first thing is to ask yourself, “what are […]